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Julia Vlaming:

Owner of Ottawa Art Therapy. Julia is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), Professional Art Therapist with the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA), and Behavioural IBI/ABA therapist (BCBA Supervised). She is responsible for programming,  relief work, business communications and supervises her team of professionals to ensure quality care. 


Julia specializes in working with: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Neurodiverse populations, Attachment Disorder, PTSD, First Responders, RCMP, Armed Forces, Anxiety, Depression, Selective Mutism, Down Syndrome, Addictions, Burn Out, Anger Management, Alzheimer's &  Dementia, Sexual and Physical Abuse Victims, Individuals who have experienced Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence, Victims of Harassment,  Aboriginal Community, Refugees and culturally unique populations. Languages: English, Russian. Julia is also qualified to supervise other psychotherapists in the field with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and able to provide services under the supervision of a Psychologist.




Fen is a Creative Arts Therapist and Counselor. She holds a Masters Degree from Hofstra University (NY) and is Proficient in English and Mandarin. She collaborates with a variety of multidisciplinary teams, to ensure quality of care for her clients. Fen focuses on providing an individualized approach and has experience working with marginalized populations through Art Therapy in order to provide equal opportunities for every person to have a space to feel seen, heard and understood in the way that they need for themselves. Fen’s experience is in working with individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder, Autism, Neurodiverse population, Anxiety, Depression, children, youth, young adults, and families.



developed in applied behaviour analysis (ABA), individual CBT, group counselling,
and working in interdisciplinary teams servicing a range of populations: children and adolescents with
developmental or mental health disabilities, and adult offenders.
developed in applied behaviour analysis (ABA), individual CBT, group counselling,
and working in interdisciplinary teams servicing a range of populations: children and adolescents with
developmental or mental health disabilities, and adult offender 



Professional Art Therapist with the Canadian Art Therapy Association. Kenzie had obtained her graduate in Art Therapy at the Kutenai ArtTherapy Institute, with an undergrad in Visual Arts at the Vancouver Island University. Kenzie has experience working with various demographics including systemically vulnerable individuals, Indigenous women, and women who have been in the judicial system, living with addiction and complex trauma. At the core Kenzie is a person-centered and strength-based practitioner, using this as a basis to determine what other modalities could be introduced to benefit clients. She utilizes aspects of phenomenology, narrative and mindfulness in her work where they are applicable. She had an excellent understanding of various art materials, and helps individuals connect with their creative self.  She strives to be communicative, open-minded, non-judgemental, having capacity to hold space, be present, and act in the best interest of the client.




Tamara, a passionate and empathetic practicum student on a heartfelt journey of transformation from an Art Teacher to an aspiring Art Therapist. After many years of nurturing young minds through art, she realized the profound impact of creativity on emotional well-being and decided to embark on a new path of healing and support.

Tamara's heart lies in working with children, youth, families, and groups, where she weaves the magic of art into the fabric of therapy. Her warm and personal approach helps individuals who are neurodiverse navigate their emotions and embrace their unique strengths. Through the creative process, Tamara empowers those who have experienced trauma or faced bullying, fostering resilience and a sense of empowerment.

With a deep understanding of the struggles associated with ADHD, anxiety, and anger management, Tamara offers a nurturing space where her clients can find solace and healing through art. She has also been privileged to work with children coming from a vast variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, igniting hope and possibility through the power of self-expression.

As a practicum student, Tamara's dedication to her clients and her own personal growth shines brightly. Her journey makes her a compassionate and understanding guide on the path to healing and growth.


Tim, is a versatile and compassionate Music Therapist (CAMT, MTAO) and Psychotherapist (RP-Q). With a profound love for music and a deep understanding of its therapeutic power, Tim helps individuals of all ages find healing, growth, and self-expression through the language of melodies and rhythms.

Whether you're a child, youth, adult, or senior, Tim's expertise is tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. He has a wealth of experience in working with neurodiverse individuals, providing a supportive and inclusive space for them to explore their emotions and connect through music.

For those who have experienced trauma or are navigating through anxiety, Tim's empathetic approach helps clients process their emotions and build resilience using the healing properties of music. Moreover, he offers an alternative outlet for self-expression, allowing individuals to communicate and understand their feelings beyond words.

Tim helps navigate life transitions with a focus on improving clients' quality of life, and overall enhancing emotional well-being, fostering personal growth, and strengthening coping mechanisms.

No matter where you are on your journey, Tim's passion for music and therapy creates a safe and transformative space for healing and self-discovery. 



Administrative Assistant
Shelli  facilitates our administrative services. She is responsible for billing, scheduling, and helping our creative practice run as smoothly as possible. 




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