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Julia Vlaming


 Does not reside in a castle, but will hold down the fort nonetheless. Taught the Ice Queen to love summertime. Fluent at deciphering treasure maps. Says she's not responsible for Rapunzel's escape, but we all know the truth.... 


Working on bringing peace to Narnia.


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Taught Peter Pan and Captain Hook some better conflict resolution. Ensures that the Lost Children of Neverland are no longer lost.

Turns hail into crystals, moves mountains, and probably the only one who can reason with the Cheshire Cat. 




Might be on retainer for Zeus as he works out his relationship dynamics and the weight of immense responsibility. 


Butterflies flutter around her as she re-writes the ending of each fairytale as 'to be continued'.



Helped Thumbelina develop resilience after a series of unfortunate situationships.


May have had a say in the captivating powers of many an enchanted garden



Builds forts out of mud, turns them into fortresses as sturdy as stone. 

Helped King Arthur realize the power within, said to have something to do with the mystical forces of Excalibur


As she floated gracefully among the wind,  birds, beasts, and curious creatures gathered, helping create an intricate tapesty that hung among the trees

It stayed as an everylasting testament to the healing powers of creativity..


Transformed Siren's song to have less tragic outcomes. Will weave music into threads of every story. May have written the tune to Snow White's serenade dedicating it to connecting to your true self and finding freedom.



Using her adeptness at conflict resolution,Kelly is said to have had aided Hansel and Grettel in their escape. 

Gargoils watch thoutfully as she navigates the twists and turns of every story. 

Not afraid to pick up a sword to slay a mighty dragon, but would rather stay for the Mad Hatter's tea party. 

Shelli Scott (Admin)

Probably organized the entire Hogwarts Library. Rumoured to have gifted sleeping beauty an alarm clock. Not impressed that your armour is on backwards, but will love you anyways (and packed extra cookies in your lunch bag). 


Controls all messenger doves, keeps forest creatures in-check too. 




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