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Julia Vlaming


 Does not reside in a castle, but will hold down the fort nonetheless. Taught the Ice Queen to love summertime. Fluent at deciphering treasure maps. Says she's not responsible for Rapunzel's escape, but we all know the truth.... 


Working on bringing peace to Narnia.


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Our Team


The only one who fairies talk to..

Has been known to tame flying pigs, but insists it's only a legend. 


Makes magical friendship bracelets for forest animals out of raindrops and fallen leaves. 


Re-united the wicked witch of the west to her estranged family after she melted, helped her through some rough times.

Rumour has it she keeps dragons as pets.


Trains the fairies to fly in unison and spread their magic efficiently. 


It's rumoured Cruela was once a client and no longer supports her past life style, but is still just as stylish.





Elle produisait de l'art au milieu de forêts lointaines grouillant de serpents et de griffons. Elle peut communiquer avec les créatures des plus mystérieuses peuplant les océans les plus profonds. A travaillé pour la famille du roi Triton sur l'attachement et les traumatismes générationnels.



Will dance to the sound of raindrops,made pirate ships fly, and swam through thunder clouds. Could have been the next Airbender, but decided to focus on her creativity instead. 



Transformed Siren’s song to have less tragic outcomes. Will weave music into threads of every story. May have written the tune to Snow White’s serenade dedicating it to connecting to your true self and finding freedom.


Shelli Scott (Admin)

Probably organized the entire Hogwarts Library. Rumoured to have gifted sleeping beauty an alarm clock. Not impressed that your armour is on backwards, but will love you anyways (and packed extra cookies in your lunch bag). 


Controls all messenger doves, keeps forest creatures in-check too. 




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