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Welcome to Ottawa Art Therapy! We prioritize our clients' mental health through creativity, psychotherapy, and building resources and resiliency.

To book an appointment please follow this link: https://art.janeapp.com/ 

About Ottawa Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Art Therapy Services Overview

Here at Ottawa Art Therapy we believe that creativity can improve well-being in both children and adults! Our programs include individual and group sessions. Our services are accessible and our rates are affordable. During your free consultation you can find out more about our programs and other community resources that can benefit you and/or your family. Please schedule your consultation here by filling out the contact form!


Other Services Available

Ottawa Art Therapy offers services that utilize aspects of visual art, music, movement, and connecting to nature. We do so by incorporating these elements in Psychotherapy, Psychologist supervised sessions, Creative Workshops, Skill Development, and in many other individualized approaches our clients require. 


Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

Clients from all paths of life are welcome to schedule a consultation with Ottawa Art Therapy. We do individual, Family, Couples, and Group work. We have therapists and support staff with a variety of skill sets to accommodate all our present and future clients! 


Ottawa Art Therapy provides the needed creative outlet to address a variety of needs in children and adults. The Art Therapist works together with the clients to set goals depending on their needs. 




Info on insurance providers and funding accepted can be found under the Pricing section or by contacting us. *Most insurance providers require you to submit claims under the clinical supervisor's name and registration. Please inquire*



Currently offering groups through community organizations, on or off site. 



Ottawa Art Therapy offers sessions for all individuals AND groups! If you, your child, your family, or your organization is interested in Art Therapy, please contact us.


MUSIC THERAPY: Sessions available, please contact.

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