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Individuals with Autism 


While many can fall under the diagnosis of ASD no one individual is the same. Their neurological makeups vary and thus so do their symptoms. Some have fully developed speech patterns but cannot pick up on social cues; others may be rather interactive but lack productive verbalization. Certain individuals are even affected by seizures. Autism, like all disorders, is multifactorial and many of its aspects are relevant and present in other disorders. Individuals affected by ASD should be given the opportunity to access a variety of resources in order to have a truly individualized and all-encompassing treatment approach.


Ottawa Art Therapy provides the needed creative outlet to address a variety of symptoms of ASD. For more information on the service provided please go to the Services section. To read the whole article on the effects of using Art Therapy as an intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder please click here.  


Who Else Can Benefit from Art Therapy?


Ottawa Art Therapy offers services for all and can be beneficial for those with Selective Mustism, Social Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc. With the option of combining visual arts and music, with both individual and group therapy options, you are encouraged to contact us to find our how Ottawa Art Therapy can benefit you!






Info on insurance providers and funding accepted can be found under the Pricing section or by contacting us. *Ottawa Art Therapy now has the option of direct billing



Currently offering summer groups



Ottawa Art Therapy offers sessions for all individuals AND groups! If you, your child, your family, or your organization is interested in Art Therapy, please contact us.


MUSIC THERAPY: Sessions available, please contact.

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