Setting Session Goals

Ottawa Art Therapy offers Sessions to all individuals! We have clients under 2 and those over 90! All ages and all abilities are welcome. Prior to begining sessions, you will have the oportunity to meet with a member of our team and discuss session goals. OAT offers a safe environment to foster creativity and problem solving and feel it's important to meet with our clients before commencing sesions to ensure this.


Services we offer: 

- Art Therapy


-Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

-Intensive Behavioural Interventions (IBI)

-Music Sessions

-Accessible Piano Lessons

-Recreational Respite care

-Group Art Workshops

-Gardening Workshops

-Sat Groups for children with ASD

The 10 Step Series for Clients with Neuro-Developmental Disabilities:


1. Build therapeutic relationship

2. Work on fine motor skills and get a sense of familiarity with materials

3. Learn to manipulate art materials in a functional way

4. Strive for sensory regulation and grounding through the art

5. Create a means of self-expression/emotional awareness

6. Work on visual spatial skills and hand-eye coordination

7. Enhance artistic abilities and work towards developmental mile stones in drawing- (click here to find out more about developmental stages in art)

8. Bring meaning to the art work, teach to use art as a means of communication of   concrete ideas

9. Engage in artistic interaction incorporating social skills

10. Cultivate self-direction giving the opportunity for children to use art as a leisure activity




Current Dates:  April 13 - June 1



Interested in piano or music in general?  Please inquire for more details!



Ottawa Art Therapy offers sessions for all individuals AND groups! If you, your child, your family, or your organization is interested in Art Therapy, please contact us.

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