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Here at Ottawa Art Therapy we believe in accessible services for all. Below is the price breakdown for individual and group servies. If your benefits cover psychotherapy or counselling services, you may claim our services for coverage. We also accept govenment funded clients through the Ontario Autism Program; RCMP, Armed Forces, Veternas, and Refugees through Blue Cross; and can sign off on funding families and individuals recieve directly (Passport, SSAH, and others).

Booking Website:


Individual sessions: 


$60*/hr for skill development

$90*/hr for 10+ hours

$100*/hr session by session



Additional Services:

$55*/hr: Report Writing, Consultations with Professionals, Skills Assessment, ABA services, Referral Letters, School Meetings, Etc.

$90*/hr: CRPO Supervision for professionals


Group Sessions: 


On site Group:

Siblings (2-4 individuals)= $130/hr*

Per Individual= $15-30/hr* 


Offsite groups:

Groups of 5-10 people = $200/hr*

Groups of 10-15 people = $250/hr*

Groups of 15-20 people = $300/hr*

Groups of 20-25 people = $350/hr*


Prices may vary for long term contracts & student co-facilitated services.


Practicum Student Sessions (Supervised):




To book an appoitntment please fill out our contact form or book directly here:




Info on insurance providers and funding accepted can be found under the Pricing section or by contacting us.



Stay tuned for our next group!



Interested in music as skill development and self-expression?  Please inquire for more details!



Ottawa Art Therapy offers sessions for all individuals AND groups! If you, your child, your family, or your organization is interested in Art Therapy, please contact us.

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